Super Classic

Original red sparkle finish, 1960 transition badge.

all shells are 3 ply+rering. Toms are mahogany and bassdrum maple.

Tom 13×9:

Stamp date SEP 30 1960

we have covered 2 holes of a non-original support.

the diamond plate is missing.

wear marks here and there consistent in age.

Floor tom 16×16

no original legs

stamp date SEP 30 1960

wear marks here and there consistent in age

Bassdrum 22×14:

Stamp date OCT 3 1960

1 no original hoop.

no original tom holder.

original legs.

We have covered 8 small holes of the original consolette and another central position for the cosolette

the badge is not there because it was located where there is now tom holder

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